Birthday: November 76

Star Sign: Scorpio

Favourite Band:

Hobbies: Sex / Gardening

Favourite Drink: Riccadonna

Speciality: Flaming pussy
Straberrys & Cream

Lesbian Doubles

Fatsuit Betty

Titles / Achievements:
2002 - Performer of the Year Exotic Angels

2004 - Aust. Swimsuit Calender

2008 - Miss Maxines Honey

2009 - Miss Erotica Victoria





Birthday: August 87

Star Sign: Leo

Favourite Band: Brittney Spears

Hobbies: Pole Dancing

Favourite Drink: Passion Pop

Speciality: Shaking my ass



Miss Crowd pleaser 09









Birthday: August 84

Star Sign: Leo

Favourite Band: Tiesto

Hobbies: Reading & Cooking

Favorite Drink: Ricadonna

Speciality: Private Shows


Achievements: International Modelling Contract




Birthday: July 79

Star Sign: Leo

Favourite Band: ACDC / Wolfmother

Hobbies: Disco Dancing

Favourite Drink: White Wine

Speciality: Private Dances

Lesbian Doubles

Titles / Achievements:

Miss Striptease 2005
Miss Gold Fingers 2005
Rear of the Year 2005
Miss Nude Victoria 2010